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The idea

MuseKIT is build for musicians by musicians. The goal is to create a platform that gives every musician the tool to earn money with their music while having complete creative freedom. Its foundation is the sustainable compensation system that corresponds to the real value of the music. After creating a musician account, you can submit your MuseKIT Template.

What's new?

A MuseKIT Template is a totally new format for video music. It has many short tracks in lots of different moods that all have the same motif. Having the music carved from one wood while being able to cover all moods of a video is a game-changer for video makers. Our application for adding versatile music to videos is in the making. Sign up now for more info.


Some video music sites trick musicians with complicated royalties and unfair conditions. In order to fix this, we created an non-abusable system: We pay all musicians 30% of our total turnover. Yes, not profit. Turnover. This is determinated in our contract so you can rely on the passive income. For how long? Forever, as long as users download your template.

How to start?

Here we go. Take the first step by getting a musicians account. From there, any further information is just a fingertip away. Learn in 10 minutes how to compose a MuseKIT Template and take a look at your dashboard that gives you transparency on how your music is performing. Sign up now and unleash your endless varying creativity.
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Hmm, no. there is absolutely no reason not to sign up right now.

What next?

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