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Use our Premiere plugin to

Automated music cutting

MuseKIT cuts and inserts the right tracks automatically in your Premiere timeline

10x better workflow

Never leave Premiere again. No need to use an external music site, download, relocate, import and cut the music yourself.

Find music faster

...with the most intuitive audio player integrated in Premiere: skip through and switch with shortcuts
All site plans include

New templates constantly

The MuseKIT library is constantly growing and you get full access to all templates soon to arrive

One-click downloads

Don't wait for download links to arrive in your inbox. Download templates directly from the site.


For every mood, you have an audio file of every instrument group making it simple to adjust the music
Your license includes

Commercial use

Monetization included, covered for client productions and unlimited use in digital ads

All platforms

Covered for social media, online platforms and websites, for example YouTube and LinkedIn

No credits

You don't have to credit the composer or MuseKIT in your videos but you're welcome to do so

Unlimited views

No matter how many followers and views you have, use MuseKIT for your videos and podcasts